Step Into It.

Once you wake up to your actions, then you have no more excuses. Whether you are a person who criticizes, struggles with contempt, […]

Light Up The City!

The very last social that the students attend is called “Light Up the City” and it involves glow-sticks, pizza, dancing, and a lot […]

Event Planning Analysis

For their final academic seminar, the Sports Management students got together and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the events that they were […]

Kitchen Crusades

As their final task of the session, Culinary Students partook on a 3-hour long kitchen crusade, during which two teams of students prepared […]

Product Pitches

The business students, for their final simulation, presented the product pitches they have been working on all week. The students talked about the […]

Helaine Knapp – City Row

Business students met this morning with Helaine Knapp, the founder and CEO of fitness company City Row. The company, which just launched a […]

Daily Program Update – Day 9

Business – Entrepreneurship lecture, Helaine Knapp Guest Speaker, Final Product Pitch Presentations Culinary Arts – Ingredient Shopping, Kitchen Crusade, Jim Beard Awards Sports Management […]

Awards Ceremony

The Business and Sports Management Programs had their awards ceremony this evening, during which they announced the recipients of several awards, including “The […]

Market Basket Challenge

Culinary had the “Market Basket” challenge today, during which they had to use key ingredients that were given to them to make dishes!

Fordham Games – A Challenge, A Learning Experience

Today, several of the Sports Management students were responsible for planning and running the Fordham Games, an annual tradition at the Fordham Rose […]