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Theater got the whole red carpet treatment when they attended the NSLC Tony Awards.

Karaoke Night!

The Theatre kids rocked out at last nights karaoke party!


Today Theatre had a very informative lecture from a very impressive lineup of guest speakers. They then took a trip down to the […]

Team Challenge Course

Meet the Staff: Theatre

Closing Ceremony

NSLC at Fordham 2015 came to a close with the final ceremony this morning. All of the trips and activities were recapped and […]

Final Presentations

Theater students had their final presentations and performances this afternoon; after all three TA groups presented a breakdown of each member’s contribution, the […]

David Strickland

Theater students were in a vocal master class this afternoon with David Strickland, a composer, music director, and vocal coach. The two hour […]

Rehearsal and Design

Theater students spent a good portion of their day working on their Day 9 final presentations; work included performance rehearsal, set design, lighting […]

Something Rotten!

Theater Students saw the Broadway musical Something Rotten! tonight and then got the amazing opportunity to meet some of the cast and crew […]