Category: Theater

Students View ‘Fire in Dreamland’

Want to see more? Check out our Flickr page for more photos from today’s trip to the Public Theatre. Check out our YouTube […]

Acting Master Class with Mr. Mark Schneider

This afternoon, #NSLCTHTR students participated in an Acting Master Class with acting coach, Mr. Mark Schneider. To find more photos from today’s class […]

Ms. Elana Boulos Advises Students About the Industry

Ms. Elana Boulos recently moved to New York City from Chicago where she worked as a Producer, Casting Director, and Stage Director. During […]

Theater Students Pay a Visit to See “The Band’s Visit”

#NSLCTHTR saw the Broadway production of “The Band’s Visit.” To see more pictures from today’s NSLC field trip to the city, check out […]

Personality Matrix

#NSLCTHTR students learned about their different leadership styles in their first Leadership Session facilitated by Mr. Jay Caputo. To learn more about the […]

Students Go to the “Tonie Awards”

#NSLCTHTR students had an awards show last night with the intention of honoring outstanding performance and production. Check out more photos from last […]

Theater Students’ Final Presentations and Performances

What led up to these spectacular performances? Watch and learn from our students at #NSLCTHTR. To see more photos from today’s performances, click […]

Students Visit Booth Theatre

Today, #NSLCTHTR students saw an understudy rehearsal of Boys in the Band. For more pictures of #NSLCTHTR’s adventures, check out our Flickr page.

Vocal Master Class with David Strickland

Yesterday, #NSLCTHTR students were able to sit down and perform in front of their peers to workshop music selections with David Strickland. Find […]

The Shakespeare Forum’s Claire Warden Speaks to Theater Students

Yesterday, Theater students met Claire Warden from The Shakespeare Forum here in New York. The mission of The Shakespeare Forum is to create […]