Category: Sports Management

Light Up The City!

The very last social that the students attend is called “Light Up the City” and it involves glow-sticks, pizza, dancing, and a lot […]

Event Planning Analysis

For their final academic seminar, the Sports Management students got together and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the events that they were […]

Awards Ceremony

The Business and Sports Management Programs had their awards ceremony this evening, during which they announced the recipients of several awards, including “The […]

Fordham Games – A Challenge, A Learning Experience

Today, several of the Sports Management students were responsible for planning and running the Fordham Games, an annual tradition at the Fordham Rose […]

MetLife Stadium

Sports Management students took a tour of the MetLife Stadium today, home of the Giants and Jets. The only NFL stadium to host […]

Endless Summer

One section of the Sports Management Program organized the Endless Summer social event tonight. It involved leis, beach balls, karaoke, and a lot […]

Madison Square Garden

Sports Management got a full access tour of Madison Square Garden today, which was renovated top to bottom just a couple of years […]

Casino Night!

Staff and students of both the Business and Sports Management programs ended the day with a casino night, where they drank mocktails and […]

Press Conference

Sports Management had their first press conference this morning; it was similar to Business’s press conference last night, but instead of representing businesses, […]

Radio City Music Hall

The Sports Management students took a tour of Radio City Music Hall today, and were able to walk on the famous stage where […]