Year: 2018

Students Participate in Mock Press Conference

Students Complete Entrepreneurship Case Study

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Students Visit Wall Street and the 9/11 Museum and Memorial

Find more pictures from #NSLCBUSI’s trip on our Flickr page.

Students Hear From Current and Former Business Majors About College

Students Visit Booth Theatre

Today, #NSLCTHTR students saw an understudy rehearsal of Boys in the Band. For more pictures of #NSLCTHTR’s adventures, check out our Flickr page.

Vocal Master Class with David Strickland

Yesterday, #NSLCTHTR students were able to sit down and perform in front of their peers to workshop music selections with David Strickland. Find […]

Students Learn About Commitment in Action

Throughout our sessions, Mr. Jay Caputo has been facilitating environments that help the students at NSLC develop their leadership skills through various activities. […]

Students Hear From Shawn Schatzle Regarding Sports Litigation

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The Shakespeare Forum’s Claire Warden Speaks to Theater Students

Yesterday, Theater students met Claire Warden from The Shakespeare Forum here in New York. The mission of The Shakespeare Forum is to create […]

NSLC Takes a Tour of MetLife Stadium

#NSLCSPRT took a tour of the MetLife Stadium today. This stadium is unique because, unlike any other NFL facility, it is home to […]