My greatest day is inevitable. I will have a greatest day in my life and so will you. As a relative comparison, each person on the planet has a greatest day. This is a cool thought, but my hope is that you want your greatest day to be truly a great day. For this to happen, your greatest day needs to beat out all of the other days you have had before it. So what happens if you begin to design your days to be better overall? Then your greatest day will have to improve as well! This is my suggestion:

Create a list of the 3-5 things that YOU have control over that would contribute to your better day. Keep it handy and throughout the day, check in with it.

Here’s what mine looks like:

o Have I shown love?

o Have I served others?

o Have I laughed?

o Have I listened?

o Did I give thanks?

Your list can be anything. I recommend that you focus your list on things that you can do. Keep the power over your day rather than basing it in someone or something else.

– Bill Johnson, Leadership Facilitator

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